Hand Painted Blue Stones 4/$20.00

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The gift of a Blue Stone is a touching way to offer law enforcers & their families, a genuine sense of support, comfort & peace, by honoring their duties.

Included with each order is a copy of St. Michael's prayer:

"Lord, give me the courage to face the dangers of my work, the strength of body & spirit to help others & uphold the law. Lord, protect me always. Amen.

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THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Please contact me regarding the turnaround time for this product.


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Design: Solid glass rounds hand painted by Maria Katz
Material: Solid glass rounds painted with a low fire enamel paint
Size: Approximately 1"in or larger
Disclaimer: Discounts are available when ordering in bulk of 50 sets (200 pieces) or more.

All "Blue Stones" have St. Michael's prayer included with each set.